Bitumen Felt Roofing


SCL Roofing London has got your back – be ahead in the game by getting Bitumen felt roofing right now. Read more to get details of Bitumen Felt Roofing.

Do you know anyone who is facing water leaks or similar problems in their home? SCL Roofing is here for people of London. We offer bitumen felt waterproofing that keeps you away from all these troubles for a long time.

The question may arise, why do we need bitumen roofing sheets? Either it be roof protection or terrace waterproofing, we fix all. Additionally, sanitary ware services are also available. Above all, it acts as an effective barrier against water and moisture.

What Is Felt By Bitumen?

The remarkable longevity, durability and great performance of EPDM rubber roofing are major attributes of iBitumen. It is essentially a viscous substance that exists in a liquid to semi-solid phase. This term refers to a substance produced from the distillation of crude oil. Moreover, it is dark brown in color. It is known for its waterproofing and adhesion properties. It is used mainly in the construction industry, for instance.
Next, its rise in popularity is because of its 0 t0 50 years of lifespan. And even then, the likelihood of any damage due to extreme weather is fairly low. EPDM rubber roof has few seams present that are permanently sealed with a liquid adhesive or special tape. As a result, they are unlikely to let water in. It is also easy to clean and offer a far stronger roofing material. Additionally, an EPDM rubber roof is a sustainable solution because it is made of recycled material. Whether to repair or install, your EPDM rubber roof will always be up to the highest level. As a result of, qualified, experienced, and competent personnel we employ at SCL Roofing London.

What Is Bitumen Made Of?

A by-product of crude oil, it is made up of hydrocarbons and contains elements such as calcium, iron, sulfur, and oxygen. Bitumen is a product of petroleum refining and is a long-chain complex hydrocarbon. It typically contains 82-88% nitrogen oxides and 8-11% hydrogen, with the remainder being sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen, as noted earlier.

Another key point is, Bitumen is a product of petroleum refining and is a long-chain complex hydrocarbon. However, the quality of the material and the ease of production depend solely on the source and type of crude oil from which it is subsequently made.

Why Use Bitumen Felt?

Felt roofing helps to ensure that water flows out of the roof and not into the house. Wind-blown rain or snow can trap water under shingles. As a result, terraces and interior dwellings can face moisture, leaks, and mold. Thus, to avoid unwanted leaks, the whole solution is bitumen felt. From highways and highways to your home, felt is used everywhere in the construction industry, whether it’s securing smooth surfaces or waterproofing roofs.

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Why Is Bitumen A Better Choice?

The combination of fiberglass and polyester reinforcement layers make the roofing system is tear resistant. One of the most durable flat roofing materials on the market is bitumen. As a matter of fact, it can last up to 20 years or more with 2 decades of guided care.

It is no doubt that getting bitumen-felt roofing is a win-win coupled with long-term investment. Additionally, with guaranteed results, smoother surface, and no more leakage. Altogether, Bitumen can save you thousands afterward if taken care of right now.


How Is Bitumen Better Than Concrete?
Bitumen is flexible and can easily tackle the changes in weather by the ability of shrinking and expanding. Bitumen tends to expand during hot weather, however, if the weather is cold, it can shrink itself.

While on the other hand concrete is just a rigid solid that stays as it is throughout its entire lifespan.

How Long Does Bitumen Take To Harden?
Bitumen can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to completely fry. It certainly depends on the condition of weather. If the weather is normal it can dry in 3-days maximum. However, if the weather is slightly humid or cold, it can take longer to harden fully.