If you are looking for an exceptional range of roofing projects, installation, you have come to the right place. As a result, maintenance services over a variety of material, such as chimney repair, is just one click away now. Roofing London is a roofing company based in the United Kingdom. Our most essential service we offer is installation or repairing of chimneys. The installation and repairs is done in a variety of colors, materials, sizes and patterns. Leave it to SCL Roofing to completely transform your home into a traditional yet contemporary beauty.


The basic purpose of chimneys is to collect and eliminate all harmful smoke and gases produced in our fireplace. These harmful gases or smoke can be incredibly dangerous and lethal in many cases. Carbon monoxide, for instance. Along with the essential need for chimneys, its stacking are also a symbol of uniformity and tradition in the UK. We at SCL Roofing London have a crew of highly skilled, qualified and experienced individuals. Consequently, the team takes care of highest maintenance of your chimney; whether it is being repaired or freshly installed.


We at SCL Roofing London offer a variety of chimney services. For instance, high quality repair, maintenance, installation, replacement, and removal. Furthermore, we thoroughly inspect the surrounding region before beginning any installation process to look for any potential issues. As a result, we are able to choose the appropriate course of action and offer you a quote based on this check to meet your unique demands and expectations. Our crew is a group of highly experienced and trained individuals. They specialize in chimney installations and repairs and promise their full skill set that result in a high quality finish. Our services are not only for private homes but also, they are accessible to commercial clients, schools, and business.


SCL Roofing London not only provides chimney installations, but also we are fully capable of fixing any existing chimney. As a result, they take full blow of harsh weather. Therefore, the repairs need quick attention. If not, consequently, they may lead to further and worse damage to the foundation of your building. So, it is essential to recognize any damages and get them repaired at the earliest opportunity. Contact SCL Roofing London today, London’s leading and expert roofers, to get any damage fixed.

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Chimney installation is one of our primary and excellent services. Moreover, its replacement equally helps maintain the structural integrity of your chimney. Over time, brickwork, stonework, mortar, and lead flashing all deteriorate. When the mortar is allowed to fall apart, the brick and stonework are left without support. Consequently, in some situations chimneys can collapse. It then requires a more drastic plan of its replacement. You can depend on SCL Roofing to give you durable upgrades that improve the overall lifespan and attractiveness of your house. Our services will also be available for new installation or repairs of existing chimneys.


Give SCL Roofing the opportunity to improve your property by installing new chimneys. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose the color and pattern. Or repairing your existing ones to match the aesthetics of your house . All of our customers’ wants and needs will always be honored and given professional precedence. Surely, SCL Roofing is highly qualified to turn your house into a piece of heaven. Finally, to preserve your chimney from inclement weather and the ravages of time, get in touch with us. Installing a new chimney to repairing an existing one is a call away.