The appearance of your home or business is one of the first impression you give to a person. Therefore, SCL Roofing London is here with its comprehensive range of roofing services: roofing projects, installation services, and maintenance services. One of the most efficient and resilient forms of roofing is single-ply roofing. It has significantly increased in popularity in England and makes up about 80% of the England market.

Single-Ply roofing is available from SCL Roofing in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes for installation and upkeep. Thus, by altering and increasing the attractiveness of your house or commercial property, we aim to preserve its reputation for quality.

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One of the main factors in the popularity of single-ply roofing is its exceptional flexibility, affordability and easy one layer installation. Moreover, it has a lifespan of 30-50 years. It offers high performance and protection from harsh weather, moisture and UV rays. In addition, its one layer membrane make it cost effective. The membrane of the layer is offered in multiple roofing materials: PVCC, EPDM, and Neoprene, etc… Your single-ply roof will always be up to the highest standard because of experienced, and qualified staff we hire at SCL Roofing London.


High-quality single-ply roof installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement are the areas of expertise. Additionally, mechanical fastenings or adhesive bonding ensures resistance to the weather. Above all, to guarantee a successful job, the caliber and experience of the installing operative are crucial. Therefore, our staff at SCL Roofing is expert in single-ply roofing. We promise that they will employ their abilities to offer a tasteful and alluring finish. Along with schools and private residences, we also serve commercial clientele


Our expert roofers not only lead in installation of single-ply roofs, but also well-equipped to perform any required repairs to your already existing roof. Though, single-ply roof is durable, extreme weather, punctures, and retention of water can wear it down. If not, they might result in more severe damage, such as the growth of moss, cracks, or deeper leaks. Therefore, these repairs need fixing at earliest opportunity. If your roof requires any repairs, get in touch with SCL Roofing London, one of the London’s best and most accredited roofers.

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A roof with breaks or damages needs repair, because that is in danger of further leaks. SCL Roofing also excels at roof repairs to help maintain the aesthetic value and structural integrity of your house. A small break or leak can potentially to turn lethal for the structural integrity of your home despite the quality of roofing material. Thus, you can count on us to get repair details that will increase the overall durability and appeal of your home in the long run. Our single-ply roof service will also be available for new installations and roof repairs.


SCL Roofing London has the credentials and years of experience and expertise to fulfill your demands of any kind of roof installation or repair. Therefore, give us the chance to install a new single-ply roof and transform your home: the color and pattern of your choosing. Or by having your old roof repaired to maintain its integrity and durability. Above all, we will always respect and priorities the professional needs and desires of each and every one of our customers. Contact us if you need to install a new single-ply roof or repair and maintain your current roof so that it is protected from severe weather and the effects of time.