SCL Roofing London is a UK based expert roofing company. We provide a large range of roofing projects; for instance, installation and maintenance services over a variety of material. One of the most durable and efficient type of roofing is fiber glass roofing. It is also known as GRP Roofing. It has seen a rapid increase in popularity in the London in the past 20 years. Next, we provide installation and repairs of fiber glass roof in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns. Undoubtedly, SCL Roofing London will completely transform your home into a fiber glass secured haven.


Fiber glass roofing didn’t just increase in popularity for nothing. It’s a consequence of incredible durability and seamlessly flat surface. As a result, it gives a high performance. Though, a fiber glass roof lasts more than 20 -30 years, the chances of fault are still low. This is because a fiber glass roof contains no seams. Therefore, making it unlikely to let water in. Moreover, it is easy to repair and provides a much stronger roofing material. Additionally, it provides a modern, sleek and polished look. Furthermore, it doesn’t produce waste during installation. As a result it is environment friendly. Next, the fiber glass roof always performs well; either it is being repaired or freshly installed. It is a result of employing trained, experienced individuals at SCL Roofing.


SCL Roofing provides multiple services for fiber glass roofing. For example, high quality installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Moreover, a fiber glass is precut in factory to the required size of the client’s roof. The precut piece of fiber glass roof is then installed on the structure. As a result, fiber glass installation becomes relatively easy. Our crew is a group of highly experienced and trained individual. They specialize in fiber glass roofing and promise their full skill set. Consequently, our services meet a polished finish. Our services are not only limited to private homes, but also accessible to commercial clients; for example, schools, business, and more.


SCL Roofing not only provides fiber glass roof installation, but also provides full repairs in existing fiber glass roof. Although, it is incredibly durable, extreme weather and rain can still cause some damage and wear and tear. Thus, a fiber glass roof needs quick repairing. However, if these repairs are not quickly addressed, they may lead to further damage. For instance, growth of mold, deeper leaks. This would then require a more drastic maintenance plan. So contact SCL Roofing London today. Because it’s London’s leading and expert roofer for repairs.

24/7 Emergency Roofing Services


Although fiber glass roof installation is one of our primary and excellent services, we also specialize in roof repairs. It helps to maintain the beauty and structural condition of your home. A small crack or break in your roof – whether it be a roof tile, slate, or fiber glass – could grow to become incredibly severe. Moreover, you can rely on us to provide lasting repairs. For instance, to increase durability and beauty of your home. As a matter of fact, it can be applied to any roof made up of: concrete or clay tile, slate or fiber glass. Our fiber glass roof will also be available for new installation or repairs of existing roofs.


Allow SCL Roofing to enhance your home and to install your new fiber glass roof. Now you can choose the color and pattern to match the aesthetics of your home. Because we prioritize the demands of our clients. Undoubtedly, SCL Roofing will do wonder to transform your home into a slice of heaven. Therefore, contact us to install a new roof or repair existing one. Keep your old roof in good shape and protect your roofs from harsh weather conditions.