Do you need to fix your slate roofing services immediately because some tiles fell off during a recent storm, or do you want a new slate roof put on your property? SCL Roofing will do everything we can to meet your needs, no matter what they are, and we will work with you directly at every step. When we fix slate roofing, we use either new slates or slates that have been used before. If you want to keep the slate top you already have, you can make reclaimed slates into an exact copy of the original pattern. This will make your business or home look as beautiful and professional as possible. Everything from an initial site examination and design of new slate roofs to regular maintenance and repairs is part of our slate roofing service in London.

Our Optimistic Services

We are the best at installing, building, and fixing slate roofs in the London and surrounding areasUnited Kingdom. We are proud to be the best company for slate roofs. Slate roofing is the most aesthetically pleasing type of roof because it looks sleek and modern. They also last a long time and don’t get damaged by the weather. Sky Roofing has experts who know how to put slate roofs on homes and businesses. We also do maintenance and repair work on slate roofs. Our trained crew can fix or replace all parts of slate roofs that are broken.

Slate Roof Installation

For a good reason, most people think of slates when they think of roofs. Millions of homes all over the United States have opted for slate roofing. This roofing material is strong, secure, and looks good. It also lasts a long time and is easy to take care of. Broken or damaged slate roofing, on the other hand, could make the roof less safe and secure. That’s why we always follow the highest standards when we install or fix slate roofing. Our team is skilled because they all started as apprentices learning their jobs from more experienced roofers.

Fixing Slate Roofs

We don’t just provide slate roofing installation services; we also fix many other problems that can happen with them. Wear and tear every day can do a lot of damage to your slate roof. Extreme weather events, like a frigid winter or a scorching summer, can also be terrible. Ignoring minor issues, like a few cracked tiles, can quickly grow into much bigger problems. Fixing damages as soon as possible is in your best interest. Even though leaks and drafts are annoying, they can cause other problems that are much worse. Mold growth is a real risk if moisture gets inside. Consqunetly, it can damage the building’s structure.

24/7 Emergency Roofing Services

Competent Repairers

We can fix all kinds of problems with tile and slate roofs, from replacing a single tile to re-slating the whole roof. For instance, broken and loosen slates. Another thing we do is fix up tiled roofs. For a seamless look, we can supply clay or concrete roof tiles. We continue to offer a full slate roofing service, from the initial site evaluation and design of new slate roofs to the ongoing maintenance and repair of your existing slate roof and the installation of accessories like fascia and soffits.



Our team is specializes in making new slate roof or repairing existing ones. It helps protect your home from harsh weather. And may be worth more when you want to sell it. We use a mix of new and used slates based on each project’s needs. Matching the color and pattern of your roof during repair ensures beauty of your home. We treat all our clients with the same level of respect and professionalism that is expected from a business. Our team takes training and pride in our work.